Research & Development Services for the Performance Motor Industry & Race Engine Builders

Piper are specialists in prototype and small batch high performance camshaft design and manufacture.

Piper offer:

  • In-house profile design
  • Small batch prototypes
  • Confidentially assured
  • Quick response times
  • Sensible costings
  • In-House Superfinishing
  • Landis 3L & Berco CNC Grinder’s

Extensive database of profiles available

Piper Cams are one of Europe’s most successful and experienced performance camshaft designers and manufacturers. Our experience spans more than 50 years servicing high calibre customers in research, top level motor racing and the mainstream motor industry, all on a strictly confidential level.

We offer a full service from the design and development of the profile and valve train, via our full CAD_CAM facility. With full inspection facilities, our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to work to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

We also have the facility to re-machine cams to an existing profile. There is every likelihood of a perfect match with over 4,500 profiles held on our database. If you require, we can maintain a profile we design for you as ‘exclusive’.

We can machine from our own clients cast cams, or manufacture from steel billet in EN351 case hardening, EN40B nitriding, or any other material of the customer’s choice. For small batch production runs we also offer a full service from design pattern making, through the casting stage to final heat treatment.

Airflow measurement and bespoke cam shaft design

We can make accurate estimates of an engine’s requirements when designing a camshaft, but to achieve the ultimate attainable performance we need to assess maximum airflow capacity of a cylinder head, which is why we have installed a Superflow measuring system allowing us to now offer a bespoke cam shaft design service to best suit an individual engine.

Exhausts too?

Some may find it strange that we design and produce exhaust systems as well as camshafts, but cam design cannot be viewed in isolation. All aspects of the automotive engine must be examined as a whole. Which is why our plant includes state-of-the-art NC mandrel bending machines alongside our CNC cam equipment.

We offer an extensive range of performance exhaust systems and manifolds to fit most popular models, but we can produce prototype exhaust systems and manifolds to exceptional quality in stainless steel just as easily as we can produce prototype camshafts. Please visit our exhaust website: