Cams and cam kits

To help you choose the correct cam for your engine, Piper has come up with a simple numbering system to differentiate our profiles.

BP255 Mild road / automatic profile – stage 1

The BP 255 cam is a straight forward installation with no modifications or additional parts required in order to use this profile. This is the first level of cam tuning used where high torque is required for towing / touring. (Approx 255 ° duration)

BP270 Fast road profile – stage 2

The BP270 cam is a straight forward installation with none to light modification and parts needed depending on vehicle. Generally referred to as the stage 2 of cam tuning this profile performs well when used in conjunction with other stage 2 tuning products such as free flow exhaust systems and remaps, giving a good torque and power increase in road cars. (Approx 270 ° duration)

BP285 ultimate road / track day profile – stage 3

The BP285 cam is by nature designed for modified road / track day cars and as such may require additional parts and or light machining of the cylinder head and piston crowns. Generally referred to as the stage 3 of cam tuning this profile retains the tractability required for road use whilst giving good mid range torque and top end power, this profile works extremely well with ported and polished cylinder heads and throttle bodies / carburettors . (Approx 285 ° duration)

BP300 Rally Race profile

The BP300 cam is designed for high performance Rally / short circuit / oval race engines , where a wide torque band is required over out and out power . (Approx 300 ° duration)

BP320 Race profile

The BP320 cam is designed as a full race / sprint cam where maximum power and top end torque are required.

Cam Kits


Piper have come up with a range of kits and components to suit most applications. Typically* a cam kit will contain a cam / cams , cam followers , valve springs , a timing disc and cam installation lube . These Kits offer a saving against purchasing the components separately.

Notes & information

Occasionally where additional parts are required we have supplied notes against the listing, the most frequent being “ not recommended for standard injection “ This simply put means that the standard plenum, injection , throttle body cannot supply sufficient volumes of air/fuel to the engine to match the cam profile , and should be replaced for up rated units, this may also require a replacement “ stand alone “ ECU in some applications.

*contents will vary between vehicles, for full listings please see cam kits.